About Us

Our Company produces K-12 instructional product that is released online. We have 35,000 pages on our site covering a large range of subjects.
Our objective is to produce instructional products that stress imagination and the pure satisfaction of knowing. From crafting, reading, to composing, our lessons are tailored to promote trainees' interest and expedition. Our company believe that a person can discover the most (and keep it the longest) when actively associated with instructional pursuits that are promoting, sensible, and enjoyable.

Alleviate of use is a trademark of our product, where we feel that kids require the clearest computer system user interface possible. Even the earliest readers can browse a subset of the web utilizing "Little Explorers", one of our photo dictionaries, and can quickly discover info on subjects that interest them.
A few of our product is offered totally free online. For a little annual membership, users have access to all our material.